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Don’t let disasters bring your business down

Disasters can strike at the most unexpected times: if one were to come, would you be prepared? All too often, crises force organisations to close their doors for good – don’t let yours be next. One Dot Zero’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions ensure you have something up your sleeve to keep your operations running, no matter what happens.

Disaster could be the downfall of your business. One Dot Zero helps preserve your valuable corporate data, minimize damage, and get you back on your feet.
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services from One Dot Zero include:
  • Strategy evaluation – find out if your current business continuity plan is adequate
  • Data backup – onsite and offsite backup to protect critical files
  • Recovery preparation – tailored to suit your requirements
  • Data restoration – get back on your feet fast and resume operations

One Dot Zero analyzes risks and takes preventative security precautions to ensure your business can function as normally as possible during and immediately after any disaster.

Prepare for the worst.

You’re going to love our solutions

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